I welcome inquiries from prospective masters and PhD students looking to join our research group.  Please refer to the Massey University website for guidance around admissions requirements and funding opportunities.  Any available PhD scholarships will be advertised below.

Research Opportunities

None currently available

Current PhD Students

Main supervisor
  • Arata Hidano
    • Project: Development of a cost-effective approach to the elimination of bovine tuberculosis among livestock in New Zealand
  • Sabina Greening
    • Project: Epidemiology and evolution of pathogens on livestock transport networks
  • Jun Hee Han
    • Project: Designing a national eradication programme for bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVD) in New Zealand
  • Mary van Andel
    • Project: Novel applications of new animal demographic and animal movement data sources for enhancing investigation and management of exotic disease outbreaks
  • Aaron Yang
    • Project: Epidemiology of bovine digital dermatitis in New Zealand
  • Rudolfo Bueno
    • Field deployable diagnostic tests for foot-and-mouth disease

Current Masters student

  • Shekhar Pohkrel (MVS)
    • Project: Modelling the transmission dynamics of Campylobacter in the New Zealand poultry industry
  • Isobel Topham (MVM)
    • Project: Epidemiology of dropped-hock syndrome in New Zealand dairy cattle

Completed postgraduate students

  •  Claire Luckman (MVM 2016)
    • Project: Epidemiology of feline leukaemia virus in domestic cats in New Zealand